A Minty "Blue Ribbon" Saw

Simonds called its top of the line saws "Blue Ribbon" saws, specifically, models 61, 62, 361, 362, 71, 72, 371, and 372.

The 1919 catalog describes the 61 as the best of the best:
"This saw is in a class by itself. Its handsome appearance, fine steel, and high-grade
workmanship give it the quality desired by the most skilled carpenters."

I found (actually, my Simonds enabler Chris Winter found) this minty 61 at LFOD in Nashua in April 2004.
It is in nearly new condition and seems to never have been used.

The most remarkable thing about this saw, as my friend Josh pointed out to me when he first saw it, was that the etch actually includes a BLUE RIBBON. As much as I would like to try out this saw, I think I will refrain from using because I don't want to risk hurting that etch.


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