Brian's Basement


Brian shaping the neck on his first banjo, built in 2008.Welcome to my virtual basement, which is a lot like my real basement, but with a little more headroom.

Eventually, I will have a tour of my shop and some of my woodworking projects, but for now I am focusing on old toolmakers of Central Massachusetts.

Toolmakers of Central Massachusetts
(and beyond)

Buck Brothers

Charles Buck

T. H. Witherby


Welch and Griffiths (coming eventually)

Douglass Manufacturing Co. / James Swan (under construction)

ads from other Central Mass. toolmakers


Here are some links to websites that focus on the histories of other toolmakers:

Randy Roeder's Millers Falls Pages

Early Rhode Island Toolmakers

The Davistown Museum Center for the Study of Early Tools
(lots of great info and links on New England toolmakers)

Rose Antique Tools:
Starrett history
Goodell Pratt catalog

Sandy Moss's Brace Pages

Ralph Brendler's Patented Gage Page

Erik von Sneidern's Disstonian Institute

Pete Taran's Vintage Saws

Josh Clark's Vintage Tool Ads and Hand Saws of Harvey Peace

Wiktor Kuc's Disston History (and more)

Wolfgang Jordan's "Kleines Werkzeugmuseum"

Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents (DATAMP)

Tony Murland's Collection of Tool Articles

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association Tool Articles

Patrick Leach's Blood and Gore

Museum of Woodworking Tools

Phil Cannon's History of Measuring Devices

Wooden Clamp Journal


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Brian Welch